If you’re noticing water stains or leaks in a building that you manage or have observed signs of roofing damage, you’ll need to start the process of scheduling an inspection and commercial roof repairs. Here’s a list of things to check in order to protect the properties that you’re responsible for as you begin to seek repairs.

Check the Property’s Insurance Policy

A commercial roof repair project requires careful attention to the existing building maintenance budget and insurance policy details. The insurance policy on the property may specifically dictate the amount of coverage allowed for commercial roof damages, repairs and replacement. Requirements for regular roof inspections to catch damage early on may be a stipulation for roofing repair coverage. Make sure to check these details so that you can accurately convey your situation to your commercial roofing technicians.

Check the Ventilation

Experienced property management professionals know the importance of making sure that the ventilation system is operating well in the buildings for which they are responsible. Proper ventilation not only has a direct impact on reducing energy bills, but it also is essential to make sure that the integrity of a roof is maintained. Without proper air circulation and ventilation, persistent heat and moisture can cause or worsen ice dams (an issue of trapping and refreezing snowmelt), mold, mildew and warp roofing and weatherproofed materials.

Check the Property for Roof Leaks

Since most commercial roofs are flat, meaning they have a very low slope, they are highly susceptible to accumulating water. Without regular inspections, over time damage to a commercial roof or pools of water can result in leaks. You may have water coming in directly from the roof, or it may be leaking in through windows. Whatever the source of the water, your roofing contractor will be able to take care of that. In your role as building manager, it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of the rest of the property for leaks. If not caught early on, water damage from roof leaks can be costly to repair and can impact business operations and building tenants.

Check the Gutters and Drains

Besides making arrangements for commercial roof repair, it will also be a good idea to have the commercial roofing technician check the gutters, drains and scuppers. For flat commercial roofs, it is essential that rainwater have a proper pathway to efficiently drain. If leaves or debris are clogging the drains, water can quickly accumulate, causing mold, decay and leaks which will eventually have a negative impact on the property. This could lead to more expensive repairs, as well as a devaluation of the property.

Commercial Roof Repair: Recap

Whether caused by severe weather or just by the passage of time, damage to a building’s roof will necessitate commercial roof repairs. When that time comes, being well-prepared and having a checklist in place will pay off. For roofing inspections and commercial roof repairs completed professionally, thoroughly and efficiently, contact Select Construction today.

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