The U.S. experiences a fair amount of extreme weather; from the hurricanes of the Southeast to the snowstorms of the Northeast and Midwest, our roofs play a significant role in keeping us warm, safe and dry throughout the year. But how much attention do we actually pay them? Approximately 23% of homeowners have admitted that they only inspect their roofs if they notice a problem. At that point, it can be hard for the untrained eye to tell whether the issue can be solved with a simple repair or if the entire roof needs to be replaced. Let’s take a look at some indicators of both.

When to Have Your Roof Repaired

Home roof repair (or commercial roof repair) is the best option when the damage is minor. If a few shingles have come loose or gone missing and there is no underlying deterioration, they are quite easy to replace. Faulty or damaged flashing (the sealer between the joints in your roof) is also typically considered a quick fix, but it must be caught as soon as possible; when it cracks or is bent upward, moisture is able to run inside to the roof seams which could cause serious trouble down the line. Gutter repair or replacement is also considered a basic form of home and commercial roof repair as the new gutters can be installed without the need for a new roof as well. However, the extent of the damage isn’t always plain to see. You’ll want to contact a roofing company or roofing contractor to take a look before committing to one route.

When to Have Your Roof Replaced

Unfortunately, most of those extreme storms and weather patterns will do more than just rip a few shingles off or clog your gutters; if you’re experiencing severe leaks or other kinds of structural damage, your entire roof may need to be replaced. That being said, falling branches and howling winds aren’t the only culprits. Sometimes, your roof is just old; if you notice your shingles curling or shedding their granules, your roof has passed (or is approaching) the end of its recommended service life. Routine inspections and repairs can delay this moment, but it can’t be avoided forever.

If you’re not sure when you last had your roof inspected, it’s been too long. Call a reputable roofing contractor like Select Construction to check it out today.

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