The time interval when a property requires commercial roof replacement depends on a number of factors. This includes but is not limited to: the type of commercial roof, how well it has been maintained, if regular inspections and timely repairs occurred, the age of the roof and whether damage exists.

For example, not all commercial roofing materials have the same lifespan and will necessitate replacement at different intervals of time. Metal roofs can last for 30-45 years, while asphalt roofs may last only 15–20 years. BUR (built-up roofing) and modified bitumen roof can last for 20–30 years. Regardless of the type of commercial roof installed on the building, the following signs may indicate that it could be time for commercial roof replacement.

Signs You Need to Consider Commercial Roof Replacement

The typically flat roof of a commercial building is regularly exposed to harsh conditions – severe storms, heavy hailstorms, strong winds, scorching sun and other extreme weather conditions. While repairs can extend the lifespan of a commercial roof, at times replacement is necessary to fix the following issues.

1. Sagging Roof Decks

When you observe that your commercial roof is not uniform — some of its parts are sagging — it is time to consider a new roof installation. A sagging roof is indicative of several serious roof damage. It may be a result of water damage, rotting or decaying roofing materials, and structural issues due to poor roof installation and maintenance. You should call a roofing contractor to evaluate the condition of the roof once you notice the sagging roof deck.

2. Water Leaks

A leaking roof is one of the common signs of a roofing problem that may necessitate replacement. Without proper roof inspections and routine maintenance, debris can accumulate and clog drains. With a low slope, commercial roofs are likely to accrue puddles of water much more quickly than their residential counterparts with a higher angled roof slope. Even the integrity of weatherproofed materials is at risk when constantly exposed to water, and once leaks spring and continue unnoticed, water damage is not far behind. If you do not take care of the leaks at an early stage, the mold, mildew and possible structural damage to the commercial building may require significant repairs in addition to needing a new commercial roof.

3. Missing or Damaged Roofing Materials

With time, adverse weather conditions such as strong winds can damage the vulnerable corners and edges of a flat commercial roof, threatening its integrity. Once the fascia and flashing on the edge are no longer intact, high winds can lift and rip loose portions of roofing materials. And while less likely in the Northern Virginia area, hailstorms can still result in significant damage to commercial roofs. The impact and dents from hail can crack or otherwise damage weatherproofing necessary to keep the elements out. On an asphalt or built-up roof, hail can damage or remove granules necessary to protect against UV rays and prevent high heating/ air conditioning costs. If not repaired early on, the integrity of a commercial roof with wind and hail damage will weaken and make the building more susceptible to leaks and other issues.

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Replacement

When your commercial roof contractor recommends replacing a commercial building’s roof, you should prepare for and schedule the replacement and installation work as soon as you can.

Here are the benefits of replacing your commercial roof.

1. Maintains Property Value
2. Saves Money in the Long Run
3. Keeps Building Tenants andEquipment Safe and Business Running Smoothly

At times, when a commercial roof is nearing the end of its useful life, repairs may not be the most viable option for the long term integrity and value of the commercial property. Frequent repairs only delay the inevitable need for a commercial roof replacement once the roof in question has undergone significant repairs or exhibited any of the issues mentioned earlier in this post. Call a local, trusted roofing company today if you’re concerned about the state of your commercial roof – at Select Construction, we offer thorough inspections, expert roof repairs and commercial roof replacement.

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