When it comes to commercial roofing damage, it can be difficult to determine whether or not it needs repair to parts of the roof or if the entire roof requires replacement. From isolated leaks to extensive roof decay, many problems can occur if you don’t act in a timely fashion.

By knowing when to repair or replace a commercial roof, you can accordingly arrange the time and funds you need to schedule and complete a roofing project beforehand. Many commercial buildings have reserve requirements as part of their financing, so it behooves the proactive property manager to have up-to-date reserve studies to ensure that funding is adequate and available at the time it is needed. Here’s some information to help you in determining when a roof needs to be repaired or replaced (note that this content is not designed to be exhaustive or replace the need for engaging with a qualified consultant to update your reserve funding plan).


When does a commercial roof need repair?

It’s best to repair a commercial roof if the damage is isolated. If the majority of the roof is in good condition with fitted flashing, good insulation and intact weather-proofing materials, repair or restoration can be a viable option. It would be unusual for a commercial roof that is less than 10 years old to need replacement rather than repair.

Minor issues repaired quickly and efficiently can effectively prevent the need for a roof replacement, provided a roofing professional is engaged shortly after the damage has occurred. Additionally, if the roof is in relatively good condition but the weatherproofed membrane is damaged, the best repair solution might be to simply re-coat or re-cover it with a new membrane. Just be sure to have the area(s) inspected by a professional before moving forward in case there are any signs of potential water damage. The right repair solution will extend the lifespan of the existing commercial roof if completed by experienced professionals, delaying the need for a complete roof replacement.


When does a commercial roof need to be replaced?

The commercial building’s roof might need to be completely replaced if the roof repairs that are needed are extensive. Alternately, if a roof needs some repairs but has reached the end of its lifetime, it might be in your best financial interest to invest in a new roof now rather than later. As a property management professional, much guidance for replacement of the roof comes from your reserve study, so following the recommendations of the study, unless significant unexpected damage has hastened the end of the roof’s useful life, is the general rule for determining the timing of a roof replacement.

Over time, facing the brunt of a building’s exposure to the elements causes roofing to become susceptible to deterioration and damage. A commercial roof cannot withstand severe weather if its weatherproofing is no longer viable, the insulation is damaged or wet and/or leaks are occurring.

An entirely new commercial roof will be weather-proofed and storm-resistant, free of holes and cracks, will drain water properly and increase a building’s energy efficiency. A new commercial roof will also last approximately two or more decades depending on the type of material you choose.


Interested in replacing a commercial building roof?

If you’re thinking of repairing or replacing a commercial building roof following severe weather or rising energy costs, you’re not alone. And the sooner a commercial roof is inspected by a licensed professional, the lesser the potential damage and subsequent costs and the greater opportunity to update your reserve fund contributions to ensure you’re ready for the inevitable future replacement.

Whether you need to repair roof damage, have questions about a new roof installation or need assistance in updating your reserve study or plan, the commercial roofing contractors of Select Construction have the answers you need. For more information about replacing a commercial building roof, contact Select Construction today.

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