Metal roofs have been a popular choice for commercial roof construction and installation for many decades. These roofs are proven to have incredible durability and sustainability for over 30 years with little maintenance and few repairs required. There are some important factors to consider when planning commercial roof installation projects. Here is a quick overview of the benefits of installing metals roofs and a guide to choosing the best commercial metal roofing system.

Metal Roof Overview and Benefits

Commercial properties are valuable assets that require substantial protection in the form of a durable, weatherproofed roof. When considering a metal roofing system for commercial roof construction and installation, pay attention to the benefits and advantages of choosing one material over another. In general, metal roofs have incredibly long lifespans, require less maintenance due to enhanced durability (ability to withstand extreme weather and impacts from debris), offer energy savings by reflecting the sun’s rays and conducting heat effectively and are fire-resistant. As a secondary consideration, metal roofs are supplied in a variety of different colors, styles and panel designs. Some have resin-based finishes (which can come in many multi-hued shades and colors), which offers the best protection against the streaking and staining that commonly attacks granulated surface shingles. Other finishes and coatings are available that protect against water damage, fading or chalking, corrosion, rust or UV rays.

Certifications And Warranties

Another thing to consider with metal commercial roof installation is certifications and warranties for the roofing system. The best metal roofs are fully certified to meet the highest quality standards with the materials as well as the manufacturing process. The commercial metal roof installation contract should also come with a warranty that covers the product, workmanship, materials and roof installation. This warranty can protect the investment in case of any defects that may cause fading, chipping, chalking, rusting or reduced weatherproofing lifespan.

Metal Roof Pricing

Another concern for property owners is the cost for installation of metal roofs. The costs for materials alone can vary significantly depending on the type of roofing chosen, and installation costs will differ by roofing company and also by the size and difficulty of the installation project.

Project costs will vary depending on the commercial building in question, for example its height, size, location, the slope of the roof and accessibility. The type of metal, coatings and design chosen will also factor into the cost. The typical materials used for metal roofs are steel, aluminum, copper, zinc alloys or some combination of metals to take advantage of their beneficial properties. Stainless steel and copper tend to be more expensive.

The durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements of metal roofing systems offers many advantages for commercial property owners and managers. At Select Construction, our experienced roofing technicians can help choose the most appropriate metal roofing system with the highest ROI for the commercial building in question. To learn more about contracting a commercial metal roof installation or to request a quote for commercial roof replacement, contact Select Construction today.

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