Seasonal maintenance is an important part of keeping your home in good shape, and that’s especially true for the most important line of defense against the elements: your roof. Now is the best time to schedule your spring roofing maintenance. However, one out of every four homeowners admit that they never inspect their roof, or only have it inspected if they suspect there’s a problem.

Here are some of the key reasons why an annual spring inspection is necessary when it comes to keeping your residential roof in good condition.

Damage from Winter Storms can Require Time-Sensitive Repairs

In winter, structural damage, leaks or rot can form due to snow accumulation or ice dams forming, or impacts from heavy winds, sleet or hail. It can be challenging to determine if your roof has been damaged or if there’s any cause for concern.

In the early spring, your roofing contractor can better spot potential problems that might necessitate quick action or that could worsen over time if a repair is not scheduled. If an ice dam allowed water to seep up under the roofing tiles and flashing, you could potentially have a leak and water damage on your hands. What’s more, during your seasonal inspection, your roofing company can clear away debris and leaves, which makes it easier to conduct a thorough inspection.

Spring is an Ideal Time to Make and Schedule Repairs

One of the reasons why roofing repairs aren’t typically made during the winter is because low temperatures and bad weather can make it difficult to inspect a roof, let alone repair it. Better weather conditions enable your roofing contractors to conduct safer and faster inspections of your roof and gutter systems. In addition, for repairs to be completed, roofing shingles require a specific temperature range to properly seal.

Summer is the busiest season for roofing companies, which can make it difficult to schedule in your own residential roof repair. It’s recommended to schedule your seasonal inspection and maintenance early since schedules can book up quickly.

Annual Maintenance Lowers Bills and Extends the Lifespan of Your Roof

Spring maintenance also ensures that your bills won’t climb during the summer months, by means of remediating opportunities for cold air to escape or for unwanted elements getting in. A roofing contractor can replace missing or rotten shingles and identify curling shingles as a result of improper attic ventilation, issues that may otherwise go undetected. Inspecting the shingles, flashing and gutter system ensures your waterproof roofing system will function properly come spring rains, reducing the chances water can seep underneath and leak through.

Many other home systems require regular inspections and maintenance; your roofing and gutter systems are no different. Small repairs here and there will extend your residential roof’s longevity, protecting your investment in your home.

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