If you’re in charge of managing a property, you know just how difficult it can be to keep up with all the maintenance that needs to be performed on a regular basis. But while challenging, staying on top of these tasks is essential to ensuring commercial tenants are happy and the building retains its value. Prioritizing regular maintenance fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between both manager and tenant and between manager and owner. In addition, it will ensure that neither you nor the building owner will be held responsible for any issues stemming from lack of upkeep – which can include anything from tenant complaints to potential litigation.

In other words, you can’t afford to shirk your responsibility when it comes to maintaining the property’s structural integrity. And without the right durable commercial roofing system to offer protection, you (and the tenants trying to work in the building) may experience major difficulties and potential safety concerns.

While you might think that the building’s roof is in good condition, the truth is that there may be roof damage you just aren’t seeing. If you’re trying to juggle numerous other responsibilities on a daily basis, investigating whether you need to repair or replace a commercial building’s roof might be the last thing on your plate. But if you don’t pay attention and obtain the commercial roof repair you need right away, you could be taking a huge risk.

It helps to know exactly what you’re up against. While most commercial roofing systems should last for at least two decades, there are valid reasons why you might need to contact a reputable roofing contractor sooner. If you know more about the scenarios that often lead to commercial roofing issues, you can take steps to avoid (and fix) them. Here are just a few situations that might lead to problems with your commercial roof.


Inclement Weather

Ordinarily, most roofs can withstand the majority of weather conditions. Even in extreme temperatures or during major storms, many commercial roofs pull through with little to no damage. However, high winds have been known to cause issues for lower-quality or older roofs. Snow and ice can also contribute to issues within commercial roofing systems. What’s more, the flat roofs often seen on commercial properties may be more inclined to be negatively impacted by weather conditions like hail or torrential rain than other types of roofing systems. You should make it a point to visually inspect the commercial roof twice a year, as well as after any major storm. If you aren’t able to assess whether any damage has occurred, call in the professionals to take a look.


Lack of Upkeep

Both residential and commercial roofing systems need to be properly maintained for the sake of preservation and to ensure weather-proofing materials are still sound and functioning properly. Roofs don’t require constant maintenance, but they can’t be completely ignored, either. By having regular inspections conducted and having small issues repaired right away, you can extend the life of your commercial roof. You’ll need to make a point to clear off debris and standing water (both of which are commonly found on many commercial roofs) and look for cracks, decay, mold, clogs, damaged flashing, punctures, loose fasteners and other issues on a seasonal basis. In the end, taking good care of your commercial roof is a direct investment that property managers and owners can get behind.


Improper Installation

Unfortunately, due to improper installation, it’s possible that a building’s commercial roof won’t last its expected lifespan. If the building owner hired a company that used shoddy practices or worked with an inexperienced contractor, it’s possible that the commercial roof was never installed properly. When this happens, subsequent repairs may never tackle the real issue; total replacement may be required to protect the building and alleviate structural problems. You may not have a clue that your roof was improperly installed, either. While leaks and mold may be an indication that something is amiss, reputable roofers are in the best position to confirm your suspicions. If they find your existing roof was installed incorrectly, you may need to completely start over with a new roof. Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll continue to experience problems – and waste both time and money in the long run.

If the commercial property you manage is showing signs of roofing damage or wear, you need to call in the experts sooner rather than later. Select Construction can get to the root of the issue and perform proper repairs or roof replacement if necessary. For more information, please contact us today.

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