For many homeowners, repairing a roof is a task that you may be inclined to put off for as long as possible. Even after discovering a leak, various factors can push you to wait to take care of residential roof repairs until you can no longer ignore the worsening damage to your home. After all, roof repair is often an unplanned expense, and possibly costly depending on the extent of the damage. It is important to remember that delaying a needed repair to your damaged residential roof can put the rest of your home at risk from pests, water damage, mold and structural problems.

Homeowners are most likely to repair roofs following weather damage; 65% said that storm damage was their main motivation for repair in a consumer roofing survey. No matter the reason why the repair has been delayed, there are many more compelling reasons why homeowners should be looking at roof repair now rather than later. In fact, early fall may actually be the perfect time to contact a residential roof repair company near you.

Why Is Fall A Great Time of Year for Roofing Work?

While many people opt to take care of major home improvement and construction projects during spring and summer, when the weather is ideal early fall is a perfect time to work on roofing. That’s especially true if you need to replace your roof rather than repair it. Roof installation during the most popular times make it more difficult to get an appointment time on your roofing company’s schedule as many more people are seeking such services at that time. Additionally, early fall avoids many of the weather conditions, such as snow and ice, that make roof repair impossible later in the year. You’ll be able to have your roofing needs taken care of before winter by scheduling your repair during the fall.

Avoiding Winter Weather Damage

One of the reasons that roof damage is so serious is that it exposes your home to the elements, leading to more extensive and costly issues the longer it’s left unaddressed. This is especially true in the colder and wetter seasons. Snow, in particular, can be devastating for a damaged roof. Even a few cracked or missing shingles can lead to water damage or pose a risk with heavy snowfall. Instead, addressing home roof repair during the fall means you’re going into these colder seasons well-prepared for whatever the weather has in store.

Improving Your Home’s Resale Value

Because roof repair and roof installation can be difficult to accomplish once the cold weather of winter starts up, fall is one of the last opportunities you’ll have this year to improve your home’s value through roofing services. In addition, a new roof can dramatically increase your home’s overall value, meaning if you’re hoping to sell your home any time in the next few months, you’ll want to take advantage of this chance to increase your home’s market value.


Early fall is an ideal time to complete your residential roof repairs and roof replacement, especially with the help of the right roofing company. For more information or to schedule roof installation or repair in Northern Virginia, contact Select Construction.

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