When you are having a new home designed and built, the roof can be considered the “crowning glory” of the construction project! You have a number of choices for roofing materials. You can go with classic asphalt shingles, higher end laminated “architectural” shingles, or you can choose a more permanent and durable solution, like metal roofing.

There are many benefits to choosing metal for your new residential roof construction. When you are concerned about roof damage and ongoing maintenance costs you want to ensure that you and your architect or builder are considering look for a roof design and materials that will last a long time, and add to the beauty and ROI of your investment. When it comes to roofing materials, metal is a fine choice. Here are just a few reasons why.

Your Roof Lasts for Decades

Did you know the average metal roof lasts over three decades with not much maintenance required? This type of roof allows you to avoid more home roof repair jobs and keep your home in great condition. When you invest in a metal roof for your home, you invest in a roof that will likely last for as long as you own your home.

Your Roof is Extremely Durable

Metal roofs as part of new residential roof construction are very durable. If you want a roof that is relatively fire resistant and able to withstand large amounts of rainfall, hail and wind over the course of decades, then metal is one of the best options.

Your Roof is Versatile in Design

A metal roof is very versatile in the way it looks as well as how it is installed. You can get a metal roof in nearly any color, from a basic black or brown roof to something more ornate. Your roofing contractor will give you more information, although you can also request to see samples of available roofing materials in your area.

Your Roof is More Cost-Effective

While it may seem that the most cost-effective option for a roof is asphalt shingles or some other type of cheaper installation, metal is actually desirable for a few reasons. First, the material is cost-effective because of how long it lasts. When it comes to new residential roof construction, the longer a roof lasts, the more affordable it is over time.

Secondly, your new roof will be more cost-effective in this way as well: by being relatively easy to construct. Dependant upon the design of your home, it may take fewer man-hours to install your new roof – and we all know that time is money. So potentially, your metal roof construction/installation cost could be less expensive than a shingle roof. Your roofing company should give you an estimate before they begin their work.

When you are working on construction or remodeling your home, metal roofing should be a strong consideration. Speak to your contractor about metal roofing to see if this solution is best for you. Your new residential roof construction efforts will be rewarded with a quality, reliable roof if you go with metal as your roofing material of choice.

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